About the project

We are collecting photos to recreate Notre Damme in Virtual Reality.


15 April 2019 Notre Dame, the symbol of France and Paris, burned. The discussion about the future of the Cathedral is still in progress. Will it be rebuilt exactly the same as it was? Will it be changed? There is plenty of ideas, including futuristic ones, that assume to change construction completely. Despite our point of view on the future of the Cathedral, I think we can agree: the memory of the original shape of the Cathedral can’t be lost. That is why we need a virtual model, that can be used to educate young generations or simply to admire the beauty of the original one.

The value brought by 3D model :

  •  Educational. The model will serve as a base for virtual tours. All objects will be marked with comprehensive information in writing. We’ll also create a virtual tour guide in many languages. The tour will be optimized for different age groups. Rich animations, professional lectors and interactivity will bring the new quality to the learning. Of course, the tour will be free to use worldwide and adapted for the VR headsets, PC and smartphones. Every school in the world will have an amazing opportunity to show the beauty of the Cathedral. 
  • Cultural. We will create a model which will last forever. The historical value will be preserved and accessible across the globe
  • Accessibility. The model for the visually impaired. As we have experience in creating 3D printed spatial orientation maps we would like to prepare the model adapted for visually impaired needs. The files will be free to use for everyone who has 3D printer and wants to print it. We also would like to give to the city of Paris the model to be used by visually impaired tourists.
  • Virtual reality stand. We want to open a mobile VR exposition that will allow people who don’t own VR headsets to experience virtual reality for the first time!
  • Not only Notre Dame. It’s just a start! Leveraging gained experience and developed techniques allow to implement solutions to other places and objects of world cultural heritage.


We believe that the people, when are united, can do amazing things. We believe in free and open education. We believe in the power of The Cloud. In one sentence: We believe in crowdfunded open source projects. 

With modern technology, we use photos and movies as a source to create 3D shapes. Those can be used to prepare Virtual Reality. So we can create Virtual Notre Damme using your photos and it will be exactly as it was before the catastrophe! Using Cloud Computing power and cloud storage we will be able to calculate the hundreds of billions of the pixels. Those data, after processing, can be used to create complex 3D presentations, models for visually impaired and VR tours.


The scale is power. We need, hundreds of thousands of photos or movie frames. Basically, we need every photo and movie that you took. Even a selfie from your smartphone! 

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The future of our past is in The Cloud.