Everyone sees the world differently! That’s why we need your look at the cathedral. Even if your photo will be 1001 photo of the same statue, no one will choose an angle of view like you. Nobody will hold a hand at the same height as you. Who knows, maybe it is an angle chosen by you that is missing to build a good 3D model?

What photos and videos do we need?

Every !! Interiors and exteriors. Send us all the photos and videos you took while visiting the cathedral. The most important for reconstruction is to get as much data as possible, so do not worry about the composition or subject. Every pixel counts for us.

What photos and videos we don’t need?

Only photos and videos that are not sharp. We can’t do anything with motion blurred images. Selfie photos in which your face takes up more than half of the frame are also unnecessary. However, if you are in the picture but the majority of the frame is the Cathedral, send it to us. We will remove you 🙂 (sorry!) And the valuable pixels from your photo will be used.

Does your camera have sufficient quality?

Yes. If you have photos from a full-frame DSLR camera made in RAW format, we will be the happiest people on earth. If you use an amateur compact camera, it is still very good quality. But what about the smartphone? Do photos from phones have any value? Think about the scale. How many people own the same phone as you? Last year, there were 12 million people inside the cathedral. How many phones like yours did they own? And if everyone took 10 photos, it will be how many ? 100,000 thousand? 200,000 ? Or maybe a million… Using the same lens and sensor for reconstruction is can facilitate the process greatly. And with 100.000 photos, even lower quality we can do magic:)